Five different scenarios, five dives in which you’ll face something new.
Go a little deeper, dive at night, glide on a current … No doubt,
a course attractive like few others.

Best of all, you learn while you dive. Practice prevails on theory.
You’ll make 5 training dives that will push you a little further,
as you try out new diving conditions (a night dive, for example)
or do tasks different to the usual (the rescue of an object). At the end of
the course you’ll feel a more experienced diver. It will boost your confidence.

What does it take to get started?

Be certified as an OW. Minimum age: 15 years (or 12 for Junior Advanced Open Water).

How long will it take?

2 to 3 days.

What’s it about?

The course consists of 5 training dives. Two of them are mandatory:
the Deep Dive (30 meters/99 ft) and the Underwater Navigation.
The other three are the student’s choice. Given the diving conditions in Costa Maya, our suggestion includes:

AWARE Fish ID – have you seen a fish yet to be identified? Great, give it a name.

MULTI-LEVEL DIVER – learn to extend your valuable dive time.

NIGHT DIVER- get a different vision of the reef while you feel like on the moon.

PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY – control the buoyancy using your lungs.

SEARCH AND RECOVERY DIVER – did you lost something in the bottom? No worries.

Adventure Diver

If you feel that enrolling the Advanced at once is too much for your holidays,
you can choose to make the 5 adventures dives which complete the course little by little.
And, having completed 3, you can apply for the PADI Adventure Diver certification.

This system allows combining dives at your convenience. Maybe you feel like
learning more about the names of the fish in the area or to experience the narcosis in
a deep dive. You are the one who decides.

The course includes:

All the materials, instruction, equipment and certification.


2-3 days.


$ 370 usd Advanced Diver.   Adventure Diver $ 240 usd.

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