Deep Diver



deep diver


Are you an advanced diver desiring to explore wrecks or just want to go deeper, and your experience level is limited to 30 meters/90 feet? Then the PADI/SSI Deep Diver Specialties are for you.

The purpose of the Deep Specialty is to familiarize divers with the techniques, hazards, problems, procedures, and enjoyment of going from 30 to 40 meters (90 to 120 feet), the very limit of recreational diving.

A PADI/SSI Advanced Diver certification and a minimum age of 16 years old. A previous dive to evaluate the student’s buoyancy, air consumption and others may be required by the instructor.

You’ll learn how to organize deep dives, their equipment, techniques, limits, emergency plans, decompression hazards, and symptoms of narcosis and decompression sickness, among other key concepts.

There are 4 dives during the course, none of which should exceed 40 meters. Decompression stops are not, by PADI standards, part of the course.

Teaching materials, instruction, full diving gear, and certification.

Dive computer and surface marker buoy. Students will need to bring their own.

Duration: 2 or 3 days Price: 5,500 pesos

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