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scuba diving

Have you ever wondered how it feels to breathe underwater? Ready to take the leap? Count on us to live this unforgettable experience!

In the Discover Scuba Diving program (DSD) you will learn a bit about the physiology of diving before getting familiar with the equipment. And then, the practice of three basic skills in water shallow enough to stand up will make you ready for an unforgettable plunge in our beautiful coral gardens and… You’ll get hooked!

The DSD is not a course, but an experience in which you’ll be trained to fulfill the safety standards required to dive without being certified. It’s the right option if you do not have time to enroll in an Open Water course or you just want to try diving. Should you like to become a certified diver afterwards, this program can count for part of an OWD course if you start the course within 7 days of the DSD.

The requirements are:
Minimum age 10 YO
Not suffering from particular health issues (a medical questionnaire needs to be filled) Being able to swim is advisable, but not mandatory

You will receive a detailed briefing on the effects of water pressure, underwater communication, how to breathe, how to compensate, underwater signals, how to move and equipment use.
During the confined water practice in our shallow reef lagoon you will get to grips with breathing through a regulator and swimming efficiently in diving gear. You’ll also be shown a few simple skills from the Open Water Diver course.

When you’re ready, it is due time to go for the ocean dive. Our boat will take you in five minutes to a beautiful section of the reef, where you will enjoy the dive under the constant care of your instructor. Get ready to discover a new and fascinating world!


About 3 hours and a half. The actual dive time depends on the air consumption of each participant, being 45′ minutes the average one.


$1,800 pesos.
If you want to do two dives (Repeat SCUBA), $2,400 pesos.

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