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You can come to Mahahual for diving (or vacation) all year round. Whether rain or shine does not affect the diving, as we enjoy good visibility and pleasant temperatures. Strong winds affect sea conditions and navigation. Although the southeast season is from the end of March to the middle of May and some northerlies affect us in December, they are not a reason to change plans, because the Caribbean is always capricious and, in any case, we enjoy 80% of open port days per year.

It depends on the dive sites and the days, but we enjoy most of the days with 30 meters of visibility.

Most of the year it is 28C/82,5F (3 mm exposure suit). Some days in August or In September it can reach 31C/87,8F (bathing suit and rashguard) and some days in February it is 26C/78,8 (5 mm exposure suit).

The conditions are generally very friendly to beginners and courses (great visibility, temperature, absence of walls and strong currents), but there are also particular sites with higher technical requirements ideal for advanced divers. We call local diving to a coastal strip of 10 km/6 miles that includes 3 depth ranges and 6 different underwater landscapes: slope-board, canyons, fingers, and coral heads between sandbanks. As for fauna, we invite you to read our section on Diving in the Great Mayan Barrier Reef.

During late autumn and early winter, eagle rays prowl among the sandbanks more frequently. For their part, sea turtles are abundant and come closer during the mating season from April to July.


But for those who haven’t taken a course yet (or don’t want to), we offer Discover Scuba Diving, which is an experience that allows you to go up to 12 meters/40 feet deep with the supervision of an instructor and after having received the minimum necessary training.

The average is 3 days, but the courses are not based on time, but rather on the student’s ability to meet the training standards, so no specific limits are imposed. We can provide the manual in advance so that you can come up with the studied theory from home. Your instructor will be in charge of resolving doubts and expanding on explanations as needed.

As SSI Training Center # 809927 our first option is the Scuba Schools International courses. But we are also PADI instructors, so we can offer its courses if they are your choice.

From Try Scuba/Discover Scuba Diving (Try Scuba/Discover Scuba Diving) up to the professional Divemaster level, and various specialties specialties (Nitrox, Deep…).

They include everything: study materials, equipment and certification. Our price is the final price.

Depending on your choice, to the Mahahual Reef, Xcalak Reef Park, Mahahual Reef, Banco Chinchorro, or the cenotes of Bacalar. Some dive sites will require a minimum number of divers.

In addition to cash (MXN and USD), we accept credit card charges and account transfers. We use Stripe for booking money.

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