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open water


Your diving adventure starts here! After completing the most popular diving course you’ll be certified to dive independently up to 18m/60ft, anywhere in the world.

Come and join, we are going to provide you with solid training as a diver. You’ll learn in the safest and funniest way. Once you are certified, you’ll be able to plan dives, take care of your gear, apply safety protocols, dive efficiently and respect the underwater world. A world of possibilities will open up for you.

Good health. A medical certificate is advisable, but not mandatory.
Minimum age: 10 YO (Junior Open Water) or from 15 YO on (Open Water Diver).

All courses are based on student progress, so there is no maximum time. At Mar Adentrowe give personalized attention, so an average of 3 days is usually enough to complete it.
It is recommendable to study at home before arriving and we can provide the manual in advance.

The course is divided into theory and practice. The first involves knowledge development, comprising video lessons, knowledge reviews, quizzes, and a final exam. Practice consists of A) shallow water skills to learn safety techniques and B) four dives on our beautiful reef: two at 40 feet/12 meters and two at 60 feet/18 meters, maximum depths.

Everything: study materials, instruction, full scuba gear and certification.

Duration: 3 days, average Price: 7,900 pesos