Becoming a Rescue Diver is an important step that demonstrates self-confidence as a diver. The course teaches us to look beyond and care for the safety of our fellow divers.

The Rescue Diver experience is described by two words: fun and satisfying. All in all, the opportunity to learn rescue skills and prevention & emergency management protocols will make us feel like real pros.

An OW level certification from any diving association and to have completed a CPR first aid course within the last 24 months. The minimum age is 12 YO.

The average duration of the course is 3-4 days.

You will be trained to prevent possible problems before the dive and, if necessary, to handle underwater and surface emergencies. During the 4 theory and practice sessions, you’ll learn techniques such as: self-rescue, panicked diver situation management, how rescue plans are made, or the most effective ways to remove an unconscious diver’s gear while providing assisted breathing.

The Rescue Diver certification is a prerequisite for all professional courses, which start with the level of Divemaster.

All learning materials, instruction, equipment and certification.


Rescue Diver: 7,900 pesos

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